There are many advantages and disadvantages to each type of cooking equipment such as Miele appliances. Nonstick cookware is easy to use and clean, because the slippery coating helps keep food from sticking, and is also easy to clean afterward.

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It is important to note, that using nonstick cooking utensils will not expose you to PFOA because chemicals are only in evidence in the manufacturing process and do not end with finished cooking utensils. Exposing a nonstick pan to high temperatures will set free other toxic chemicals into the air, if you use a nonstick pan, remember this:

Never heat an empty pan on the burner, keep your stove on medium or low, and throw it out. pan if the coating begins to be compacted or flattened (to prevent this from happening, avoid using sharp or metal equipment).

Choose an anti-stick pan from a trusted and environmentally friendly brand, a brand that is trusted to use food grade materials from trustworthy institutions (eg FDA). Because the brand that has gone through a standard test of a health institution has been trusted to use materials that are safe and not harmful to health.