At present, there are a large number of household utensils needed, some of them are made of gas which, if they are finished, must be refilled. So, propane supplier will be needed, even for restaurants that need good consistency in the heat of the gas they use. So, if the gas is used up, it’s a good idea to refill it in the right place.

At the restaurant, all cooking techniques use fuel so that the cooking process can take place well, under the bottom I will review about the various types of fuel that have been used and are still used by humans from various materials, here are more:

1. Gas
This is the most popular fuel in Indonesia today, the use of gas for cooking requires the right knowledge to be able to use it because the nature of the gas is very flammable, so if there is an error in installing it there will be a gas leak that can cause a fire hazard, because of the gas volatile then stored in a tube, so that it can be used for cooking, we must first install the hose from gas to the stove, how to use it is we just turn on the stove, after the fire can burn gas then cooking tools can be placed on it.

2. Electricity
Electricity cannot be directly used for cooking, but its energy can be converted into other forms of energy, for example by flowing electricity to heating elements on electric stoves so that the elements become hot, besides electricity can be used to flow to a microwave or microwave circuit produced can be used for cooking, for example oven, microwave stove. Microwave use is very vulnerable to health because if there is a radiation leak, the waves will damage our body.

3. Paraffin
Is a solid white box-shaped fuel made of several materials mixed with wax, this object is popular among soldiers or who like camping because of its practical and safe use, every single paraffin box is only able to cook instant noodles or rice which is only enough for one person.