Before a film airs in theaters, the film will usually release a trailer containing several scenes in the film. That is the importance of the trailer, which will determine whether many viewers will watch it or not. To see a movie trailer, you can visit ShowBox.

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However, making a trailer is not easy. Trailers must be based on the genre of the film. In a sense, every genre of the film must clearly have a different trailer. Examples of films with drama genres. For this genre of film, there are some tips that you can do in making a trailer.

1. The strains of piano music are perfect music to start the drama movie trailer.

2. Don’t hesitate to enter the weighted dialog in the first 30 seconds. This is the key for the audience to be able to determine the theme and message from the film that you will be broadcasting.

3. You can also mention the awards that have been won for your film in the trailer. This can help the audience to watch your film.